“We are here to cultivate relationships, create art, and contemplate controversial subjects, in a way that forms a community for all artists of all forms. Providing a platform for all interpretations of art to be expressed.”

-Cofounder, Izzy at the ArtJive

Here at the ArtJive, our main purpose is to connect and support like-minded groups, individuals, artists, and creatives all through the use of expression and art forms. We believe what you have gone through in your life can be used for good and evoked through your own interpretation of art. We view the things that life gives us as something that is made to make us grow stronger, connect to others, and live out our purposes. We are a hub that discusses controversial topics, provides tools for an abundant life and clear mind, views mental health as something you should never be ashamed of, puts together indelible events, and grows a community for all forms of art and intellect to connect. At the ArtJive, we concatenate, collaborate, and create.”

One of our main goals is to reduce fast-fashion and promote sustainability; so all clothing that is produced has that kept in mind. We do this in a few ways, either; 100% recycled material, reworked vintage, one-time-& small-runs, handmade, or one-of-a-kind pieces.

We feel strongly in putting a mission and a purpose behind anything we do, that is why 10% of every product sold on The ArtJive goes to mental health organization 'Bring Change To Mind'. We feel strongly to normalize, provide resources, and openly discuss mental health on our platform for everyone and anyone that may need. 

The ArtJive is compiled of a few compartments;

The Gallery​​;

This is the eyes of the company. This is where the art gets put into action. This aspect of the ​​ArtJive​​ is designed to provide a platform for artists to display and sell their work. Artists can submit their work and if approved will be displayed on ​​The Gallery ​​page and sold as tangible metal prints upon purchase. Also, each art piece will have a definition of the story and the message behind it. The artist will receive a commission of what is sold of their own work. The Gallery is a way for all to see and all to be heard.

​​The Space​​;

This is the heart of the company. This is the communication aspect, where we focus on our community and their input to form a helpful service to best fill their needs. ​​The Space​​ is solely focused on creating and connecting with the individuals a part of the program or membership, to form a self-help community that focuses on many useful everyday tools to cope with the world and the challenges it brings our way. Some of these tools include meditative techniques, journal prompts, thought challenges, guided interactive scenario prompts, and weekly support groups to collaborate with others.

The Society Threads;​ ​

This is the feet of the company. This aspect is to spread the word and promote what we stand for. The​ ​ArtJive​​ is not only a company, but it is also a movement and a community as well. By providing ​​The Society Threads,​ ​which are limited edition clothing pieces with a sustainable approach taken to reduce fast-fashion. Each collection we produce is in collaboration with a chosen artist, and is a one-time-run. Each person who purchases a piece and wears it spreads the​​ArtJive​​ message. The threads are a conversation starter, a walking movement, and a unique rare clothing piece.

The Jivents;​ ​

This is the hands of the company. This is where we reach each other through creative events, these can be anything from; fashion shows, art galleries, photoshoots, or even as simple as a round table where we can bounce around ideas. ​​The Jivents​​ are a space where we take action and create art together, outside of the computer screen even. The goal of this aspect is that we reach out to one another, and create relationships to explore ourselves and others around us.