This is the hands of the company. This is where we reach each other through creative events, these can be anything from; fashion shows, art galleries, photoshoots, or even as simple as a round table where we can bounce around ideas. ​​The Jivents​​ are a space where we take action and create art together, outside of the computer screen even. The goal of this aspect is that we reach out to one another, and create relationships to explore ourselves and others around us.

Upcoming Event: 


MPS works to help young creatives develop their skills through community building, education, and leadership opportunities, regardless of their level of experience.

If you are a model or photographer that is; starting out, has been doing it for a while, or just wanting to explore your creative side, come join us for our first ever photoshoot event in collaboration with MPS. 

This is a way to meet likeminded creatives, explore your creativity, and create art through photography. 

Entry is free, and there in no commitment involved. Come as little or as long as you would like!

COVID-19 guidelines: 

-All models and photographers are required to wear a mask.

-If overall group attendance surpasses 10 people, we will split into multiple smaller groups of 10 and under to follow California State law.

-Anyone has complete freedom to wear a mask, and any intolerance towards those who do will not be accepted.

-Photographer's won't be doing any randomly created group photos. If you arrive with someone you want pictures with, let us know that you know them. 

-Contact us with any specific questions or requests.